It does depend on what you are calling a tough odor because the chemical composition of different odors is different. So different odors may take different meas...

OdorXit Customers, Who Should Use OdorXit Products, investors, realtors, restaurants, schools, apartment owners and more. If you are interested in OdorXit pleas...

OdorXit Knowledge Base has everything you need to know about OdorXit product information, odor removal how to guides, taxidermist how to's, case studies and typ...

Get 15% Discount on all OdorXit Products Use Code: DISCOUNT15. OdorXit Concentrate cats and dogs "mark" walls, floors, furniture, and clothing with their sc...

3Odorxit2019-01-090Social 10

There are so many products on the market today that promise to get rid of all of your bad odor and many do…for hours at a time. Now it depends upon you that w...

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Stop holding your breath and hating being in your own home! Discover how to get rid of musty smells on your furniture and other belongings now!...

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With pets, pee happens and it often happens on carpets. Don't panic! OdorXit is safe and effect way to remove dog urine odor. Shop now:

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Life can be stinky when you smoke, at least to the people around you. If you’re the smoker then you probably don't notice the smell much. But maybe you even w...

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