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When you want to change any aspect of a custody order, call our Fort Collins custody & family lawyer at 970-488-1887 for essential help & representation....

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When you need to establish child custody orders, here’s what you need to know. Call a Fort Collins family lawyer at 970-488-1887 for help....

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"I Want to Get Divorced." Wanting to get divorced is just the start, when and how to go about it should be carefully considered as planning to a divorce...

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If necessary, our family law attorneys will work with vocational and business valuation experts who are skilled and understand family divorce in Colorado....

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Those who are divorcing with high assets should consult with a divorce attorney who is experienced with high asset divorces and the experts witnesses who may be...

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In matters of child support, Colorado law provides special guidance when the combined gross incomes of the parents exceeds the maximum income outlined in...

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Colorado alimony and maintenance can be difficult to understand without the help of an experienced attorney. Contact The Cossitt Law Firm in Fort Collins today....

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Spousal maintenance is a payment one former spouse pays the other after a divorce – but not everyone qualifies for it....

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