This is an important component that is used to form a cylinder and to protect it from the wear and tear from the operations of the motor....

The overall demand for automobiles grew by 18 percent in the domestic market whereas the exports demands rise up by 26 percent. ...

A cylinder liner is one of the most crucial parts of an engine which is responsible for the heat produced in the engine....

A cylinder is the central working part of a reciprocating engine or pump, the space in which a piston travel. Multiple cylinders are commonly arranged side by...

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A car plays a crucial role in the transportation medium. Here we will discuss the most common automobile parts and how the whole system works simultaneously....

The main reasons for manufacturing the liner separately from the cylinder block (jacket) in which it is located are as follows:...

Iron sleeves give a wear-resistant surface for the piston rings, and they don’t have to be very thick because they are supported by the surrounding block....

The automobiles parts India consists of various types, depending on their shape, size, engine type, drive type, engine position, layout, propulsion system and t...

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