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Blackstone is setting inside the Kaaba ,which is fixed by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismael .Importance of black stone in the Kaaba which is in this a...

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Both previous volumes such as Al-Bukhari and Muslim only can be picked up by the scholars or well-educated, on the other hand, Al-Tirmidhi can be easily underst...

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The religion of peace, Islam teaches us a lesson of brotherhood, calmness, peace, unity etc. Similarly, kindness is another feature that gives us positive vibe ...

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The purification of your body and soul are the first step to perform any kind of worship. Therefore, many Muslims ask How do you do Ghusl for Hajj? Yes, this is...

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Everybody in this wandering around in this world without knowing the true purpose of life. Unaware of our purpose of life we all did mistakes and perform sinful...

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Thus, all the time we should pray to Allah (SWT) to save even the little trait of Al-Munafiqun. And we should make our soul holy from the previous traits of hyp...

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Most people perform the Umrah in Ramadan spell, but they don’t fulfill their family’s amenities. So, they are only allowed to perform Umrah after supplying ...

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The amount should be flawless which is used for Umrah. Because it is mostly noticed that people make a plan to perform Umrah by getting the amount on the base o...

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