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I was shaking and I was tired but I felt good. To hear LJ say things like awesome job or that was impressive made you feel great. ...

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You can also seek special instructions and advice if you have any medical conditions....

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You can also include walking, swimming, running, or playing sports as a part of your workout routine....

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what the intended stimulus of the workout is when making the right option for you to get the best workout possible....

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For me, it’s either all going in a positive direction or in a negative one. It was definitely not going the way I wanted....

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I’m excited to join the RoxFire Personal training fort lauderdale and begin coaching CrossFit. ...

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While I was working out bulging muscles took time to help out and also cheered me on and I could tell that we were motivating each other. ...

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It’s my job as a Coach to help you find the right scaling option, so that the most advanced athlete to the biggest newbie are all getting the same stimulus....

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